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The price is too high. And, the strictness of me not being able to do whatever I want with something I pay for it is too much. I can only have 3 copies before I gotta play the authentication shuffle? I should be able to have AS MANY copies of it as I want. I should be able to have it on every PC I own, every MP3 device I own, and at least on a backup CD.

The easiness of being able to just search click, and get a high quality product instantly is awesome. But now that they have invented this AAC codec, who's to stop people from encoding all their CD's into this format? You might say, "Well its supposed to be better quality than a CD". Well I can tell you that a human really can't tell the difference at a quality better than a CD. There has been tons of studies on this.

Overall, I give Apple applause for being the first out of the fate with this, and it will probably work out OK for them. But for me, I know how to use software, and I don't need this service.

NOTE: I have not looked into AAC really, but I am looking into it now.

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