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I have just bought an iMac 24" and generally very pleased with it. This has replaced my PowerMac 9600/300 running OS8 that has just gone into a well-earned retirement. Ten years old and I've never once had any problems that a reboot didn't correct.

As you can appreciate the iMac and OS X is a quantum leap and none of the software I used in my profession as a graphic designer would work on the new machine so I had to buy all new software, Quark, CS2 etc.

The problems I have discovered are that the Photoshop files created on the old machine can't be read by the new one. When I copied across my live jobs and looked at the folder all the PS and tif file icons were greyed-out and the file type was described as a 'Unix Executable File'. I managed to open the file by adding .psd or .tif to the files, opening in Photoshop and resaving.

The question I would like answered is whether there is a simpler way than this. It is going to be a real problem with archived jobs that need to be amended. The Quark file opened OK and, strangely, recognised the psd and tif files without the addition of file extensions.

My second problem might be related but I could not resolve it. The imac recognises jpeg files from my digital camera but it does not recognise jpeg files copied from the Internet that I could work with on the old Mac. I get an error message in Preview that says:

Couldn’t open the file. It may be corrupt or a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize.

Or if I try to open the file in Photoshop:

Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG markert type is found.

I tried downloading jpegs off the Internet onto the iMac and had the same problem. The only files I could open were a couple of GIFs but not all of them!

Finally, the iMac does not recognise the fonts off the old Mac it sees them as Unix Executable Files and greys-out the icon.

Any help would be gratefully received!

Neil Barber
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