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hi all
am a new macbook user , just bought a new one , 2.0 GZ with 2 GB of memory , got it in the second week of april , and had issues with machine freezing up on me , tech support did everything they cud on the fon and finally 4th day into my purchase , they decided to give me a replacement.
got my replacement last night , and GUESSS WUT in the intial setup , my book froze on me again , i was PISSSSSSSED . had to power it down with long press of power button ,
i started it back up and guess wut safari froze on me , did the option + apple + P +R and started it back up it seemed fine , in few minutes i was in mac help and it froze again , within 4 hrs 3 times forze up on me , i did not want to sleep as it was way pass 2 at night but no apple fon support at that time so went to sleep and called apple in the morning ,
not to mention it froze again using safari ,
apple tech support helped me with diagnostics , nothing came faulty
and then product specialist guided me thru to re installation of OS , was a longgggggggggggg process took me almost 2 hrs ....
and book worked fine for atleast 4 hrs ...
i hv not used it after that but am not very happy about reinstalling the OS , shud'nt they check all these things b4 shipping the product.
any comments?
anyone went thru this?
is there a chance that they replaced my new book with a refurbished one?
i am really disappointed to some extent.
i wud like to read some comments about it
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