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Originally Posted by Kyomii View Post
If it is giving error codes in both systems, there is every chance the ram is bad. Send it back and order from crucial, who guarantee compatibility or your money back. They also do a lifetime warranty.

Did you take anti-static precautions when fitting it? It is very important to do this, because you can damage the ram from the static electricity from your body.

I am not saying this is what has happened, but just in case so you know for next time
Thanks for the reply,

-The Mini is giving me an error code that indicates: "No RAM installed"
-The Dell PC is giving me an error code that indicates: "DRAM Refresh Error"

I don't have a wristband, but I discharged myself on the chassis before I touched it and made sure only to handle the module by the edges. It was, however, shipped in a heat-sealed plastic bag inside a padded envelope. I'm wondering if that has something to do with it.

I emailed the seller, so i'll see what he says about returning vs replacements.

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