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I wasn't sold by the Mac/PC adverts, funny though Mitchell & Webb (UK version) are. However, this might just make me do it... blummin Vista!

I had a bunch of digital photos that needed printing quickly. The nearby Boots store has a nice Kodak kiosk machine that does it all in a couple of minutes, so I copied the files to a blank CD-R and Finalised it using Vista’s built-in burning and toddled down to the shop.

Only to be told by the Kodak computer that the disc was not recognised, or blank – the tears in my eyes made it hard to tell which.

Anyway, guess what – I tried the same process on the office Mac with OS-X, copied the pictures, clicked Burn disc and off I toddled. No problem whatsoever! Mac 1 – Vista (a big fat) 0.

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