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Originally Posted by kgeier82 View Post
i had the opportunity to try a 2gb stick for free for a total of 3gb.

for day to day stuff, no way there is a difference from my 2gb.

as for photoshop and stuff, only if you use the extra ram. which i never do.

conclusion: dont waste the money on the 3gb total.
I agree with Day to Day stuff you are not going to see anything that is very different.

If you need to run 2 OS's, parallels, vmware, etc. It is MORE then useful.If you are running photoshop, etc..I can see it being VERY useful.

I also find it very useful when ripping dvd's with handbrake, or mac the ripper.

When using iDVD or iMovie it is also very useful.

So I would not call it a waste of money.

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