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I got a Canon iP4300 with my new Mac.

The Mac is a MacBook, never will be connected directly to the printer. The printer is shared from one of my desktop computers.

I set the printer up using the included software and shared it. Both desktops (Windows) print to it just fine (NICE printer!)

The Mac can see it and can even print to it but I can't seem to get the drivers right? Doing the install from the disk doesn't seem to work on the Mac with the network printer and I'm apparently not choosing the right "Printer Model".

I chose the Canon BJC-4300 (Gimp beta drivers) option under "Printer Model" since it seemed the closest. It prints but the pages are really small. Its making each page about 40% scaled. Couldn't QUITE fit two pages on a sheet, but almost.

How do I fix this guys? I'm tired of sending files to the Windows machines to print!

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