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The PB's internal drive can read most formats, even those created on other peoples machines. I think, maybe your client's DVD+R, not a DVD-R. I don;t think the PB's internal drive can read DVD+R's yet. Kinda explains why it's ejecting it out.
My Powerbook reads dvd+r/rw's fine and plays movies from them too without any problems. I do know that some dvd-r's are different from others, for example, when i was burning dvd's on my old laptop, i used some Mirror Platinum's and the guy who sold them me gave me five sample blank dvd's to try. The sample ones were made by Ritek, which are probably the best out there, but every single one didnt burn well, five wasted discs while the mirror's were faultless. I'm using them with my powerbook, they burn pretty well and cheap at the price too.
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