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Originally Posted by giulio View Post
I think it might just be the way the progam works. Because in photoshop, if I save a file to the desktop, then throw that file in the trash... create a new photoshop document and save the new one, photoshop will think you want to save this new file in the same place as the old file. IN THE TRASH! haha. Apparently photoshop thinks I'm not that great an artist because it wants to store my files directly into the trash =)
Well that's just it. I want it to take me back to the last place I was and right now it's not doing that, it's taking me one step before where I was. I think it's a network issue, but I would like to try and fix this a bit quicker.

The IT guy is not MAC literate and I seem to do all the troubleshooting anyway. Thoughts?

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