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Here is my dilemma. I do software training for a living, I now have a powerbook g4 ( 3yrs old) and a DEAD 5 year old sony laptop. For obvious reasons I need to have access to both windows and macs to keep up with current software. (Lately I have had MORE mac switcher clients, than PC clients--Love this web site for switcher issues)
I was thinking of getting a cheap PC and continue using my mac for a yr or two (the mac works perfectly fine). After talking to several MAC people, they suggest I get a mac book pro and just use the windows side for my other programs. I don't want to "gunk" up a new mac book with lots of windows programs, but they say I don't have to worry. I have 10 years of quicken for windows that I don't think will transfer to mac very well.
I am thinking of getting a 15 inch mac book pro, with 2 gigs of ram and a 160 HD. I have lots of pictures in iphoto and don't want to worry about HD space. I am not thinking of putting Vista on at this time, but I may have to learn office 07 for windows in the near future.
I'd love to hear some opinions from the switcher's group. thanks in advance.
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