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Hello, pardon my askining of these questions, but I concluded it would be much move convinient if I got the answers directly instead of searching for them.

Ok first of all, let me introduce myself. I'm new to the forum but have been a strong advocate of Apple computers.
I have the original iMac G5 gz with a 20" screen. No built in iSight or anything.

It tends to lag when I indulge in the multi-tasking I do every night. I know the page outs increase in number sometime on the Activity Monitor, so no question I might need more Ram for my computer.

I have a series of questions as to how Ram works and what optimizes the Ram for a specific computer

I run 1GB of DDR Ram in the form of two parallel 512mb DDR SDRAMs with speeds of PC3200U-30330. I will hopefully upgrade this to two parallel 1BG chips.

Somewhere I heard that two parallel rams of the same speed and name somehow optimize performance. I also heard that it can enable 128 bit memory. I have no knowledge about bit memory.

I would also want to know if my specific computer can handle any other type of Ram besides the ones that the Apple store provided, such as DDR2 or any type of higher speed.

I would appreciate any answers.
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