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I have been a iMac user for just over 3 months now, and the whole experience of using the Mac has been great apart from one thing. The built in airport has been a somewhat headache for me at times as it often slows my connection, or like now looses my wireless connection altogether meaning that I have to rely on my good old ethernet cable just to get me back online to be able to post on here to see if any of your guys can help at all.

I was happily surfing away, when my connection suddenly timed out and then wouldn't let me access any sites at all. The situation is now airport won't find my router at all(even though it's set to be discovered in the setting on the Belkin setup site)

I have tried various configurations in the internet setup feature in OS X, but nothing seems to work, nor will it still find my router at all. I didn't change anything previously, nor did I fiddle with any settings before this happened, so what's happened??? I've seen countless posts from other people on here complaining about the airport hardware that's built in the iMac etc in some form or another....makes me wonder if it's worth using it at all and just sticking to using a seperate USB router dongle instead.....for peace of mind if anything.

Other than that(believe it or not) I'm very happy with my new iMac 20" :-)

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