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Wireless networking used to be the folly of the wealthy and of big business. However with recent leaps and bounds in wireless technology the cost of wireless networking has dramatically dropped. Now that we have more than four computers in the same household and only one printer and broadband line it is becoming clear that we need a network.

The thought of drilling holes and having cables cascading down the walls and ceilings did not appeal to me. And so I turned to the wireless option. There is a great problem though. I have no idea how to setup a network let alone a wireless network. What I do know is what I would like to see happen.

I would like the broadband connection permanently on so that no one computer has to remain on for the connection to be constant. The printer must be on the wireless network so that there is no clumsy fumbling in switching the cables over. And that the wireless network is secure.

Working in an office with a wireless network I can see the great benefits of having one. Although as there is no on hand techie I have no idea how their wireless networks or can seek advice to how to setup my own. And so I turn the question over to people you.

The twist in this wireless networking is that we will have a broadband connection. one Airport Extreme Base Station, one PowerBook, one eMac, one XP desktop and one XP and one ME laptops.

Both the PowerBook and eMac will have Airport Extreme Wireless cards. As for the machines running XP and ME I am unsure to what type of wireless card they require.
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