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This is the Nippon Maru. It is a training ship for Japanese Merchant Marines before WWII. During WWII it was used as a transport. It also transported over 25000 Japanese soldiers back home after the war. She is also known as the "Swan of the Pacific"

The next day we went to Tokyo Disneyland Sea. Most Japanese wouldn't think of doing this at the Indiana Jones ride, but it got a lot of laughs from them. My Nephew took the picture.

This was taken during the Grand Finale show at the end of the day. The timing was perfect because as soon as the show ended, it starting raining pretty hard. The park became a sea of umbrellas almost immediately.

This was a huge German cake for sale in the basement of one of the Odakyu department stores. It seems that all of the major train stations around Tokyo have rather large department stores attached to them. In the basement floors of each of these stores are all kinds of sweets and snacks. The cake was delicious. I also had several Manjuu which are small buns filled with sweet bean paste. Now most Americans would run when hearing those words but I swear that you have to try them if you get the chance. They are good eatin'

So that covers most of my trip. I also spent time shopping in Shibuya and Akihabara. Akihabara is known for being the worlds largest shopping area for electronic, computer, camera, anime, and other otaku stuff. I was in nerdvana. Unfortunately I found that its reputation for low prices was unfounded. At least that was the case when it came to the Olympus DSLR camera I bought there. That camera retails for about 800 bucks in the US. I've found it at Circuit City for $669 with two lenses. However I only found it for about 700 bucks in Akihabara. However when I went to department store in rural Hadano, I found that camera with the lenses for just a hair over $500.

If you are looking to pickup Japanese chicks, then Shibuya is your place. I think about half the women in Japan are in Shibuya at any given moment. Whats the attraction? Clothing stores as far as the eye can see. And nothing that would fit me

Next time I hope to attend a Sumo Wresting match, go to Harajyuku, and check out Osaka. Time to start saving those frequent flyer miles again
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