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One must ask: is it the wireless router that is losing the connection, or is it the modem that the router is connected to itself losing the connection? Good test for this is when it "loses the connection" can you still connect to the admin page of the router? On your local (192.168.1.X) network, that is. If so, your wireless is still doing its thing but the modem has dropped the connection to the ISP.

I had an old wired linksys connected to my DSL modem, with a linksys wireless router acting as a WAP (Wireless Access Point) for my Macs. For awhile it seemed everytime I logged into iChat I'd lose my DSL connection. When going to the admin page of the router I noted that the 'status' page told me that the modem was 'connecting'. I'd have to power-cycle the modem for it to get the connection back. Both the wired router and the wireless access point were still doing their job, however, as indicated by the fact that I could get to the router's admin page.

Later I eliminated the wired router and just plugged in the wireless router since I have all wireless on all active computers (both PC and Mac) and that seemed to eliminate that problem. Although tomorrow Verizon is coming to install FIOS and they'll be providing me with their own wireless router which will probably introduce a new bunch of possible issues.

Anyway, the point is that between your Mac, the Airport, and the ISP modem there are a lot of things that could be amiss when trouble-shooting disconnect issues.
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