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Having FiOS I can provide some feedback. The trick here is to not use the router Verizon supplies you. By default mac address security, known as Port security it turned on by verizon. This is a decent security feature if someone was to splice your connection. This means only he mac address assigned to the verizon router, or the first deviced plugged in is what's allowed - initally. Now since I haven't purchased a Airport extreme yet I can't say for certain, but with my Linksys I simply cloned the address of the verizon D-Link router and it works, also as a hack tip this is how you by pass any mac / port security - clone the mac address. BTW I hate D-Link, and asked Verizon not to put it on my Network!!! Anyway, I'm hoping when I get my Airport extreme it will allow me to perform mac cloning... Anyone have insight to this?
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