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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
I don't think that would be of concern. You're still at 100Mb between the two routers. I know FIOS offers some high-bandwidth packages, but I don't think they go that high.
Now that I think about it, I was at 10Mb because of the hub I had between one room and the router. Now it's straight 100mb or whatever the Airport can speak at with the wireless (b) router. I had some pretty ancient (comparitively) equipment even if it was kind of bleeding edge at the time. Heck, my first home network all routed into an old Linux box that acted as a dial up gateway for all the other machines in my house. I didn't care if the hub was 10 or 100 since the dial-up to the rest of the world was 56kbps. Good times (NOT!)

Either way I'm pretty sure FIOS will kick some tail whenever I get around to ordering it. And not having to worry about routing (heh) wires will be very cool.
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