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There are rumors that Autodesk is going to make a mac version again. They used to but I think that was way back at v10. I will believe it when I see it..

You can run Autocad on a PowerBook, I am doing it on my 12" 1.33ghz. I tried it on a 12" 1ghz but the 1.33 is much faster. I have Win 2000, XP sucks, or blows, take your choice , I have a friend with a 1ghz with xp running and it is painful, too slow to be usefull. I find Win 2000 is pretty good for speed. I have run Architectural desktop v2 and Autocad 2002 on mine and both work. I use other programs for modelling so I do not need Architectural desktop. I just got the update to Autocad 2005 so will see how that works when I find time to...

Buy the fastest PowerBook that you can afford and if you are doing a lot the 15 may be better though my 12 is nicer to carry around and find the screen is good for what I do.

Max out the ram as it will help a lot.

Lightscape for rendering works pretty well also.
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