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my uncle is getting me a new computer for college and he insists on getting me an ibook. I dont want an Ibook , i want a PowerBook. I am an architecture major an i may be start up with music as well. Im not certain that the programs i will be using can be well supported by an ibook. Autocad- an architecture program that has 3d modeling and planning, Finali- a music composition program,
Photoshop, illustrator,microsoft office, Redrum a beat composition program and i may be getting Digital Performer which is the professional version of that. Games and Music. is an ibook capable or should i pay 400 dollars more for a power book with the small screen :confused: i think the one that i want does not have a dvd burner big woop. :confused: can someone help me i could live with a ibook if i know its not going to be struggling with the programs i will be using
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