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hello all...
when im putting music on itunes from my music folder itunes will create a seperate itunes folder and with in this folder is another folder named itunes music, and itunes is putting music files in this folder and it ends up taking 15.36gb of space on my hard drive. is there anyway to avoid this? i dont want itunes to copy files i already have into another folder and take up more space on my hard drive..this is so frustrating i already tried something along the lines of:

going into preferences
advanced tab
then changing the itunes music folder location, and it total screwed up my music folder by creating a whole bunch of folders, some containing 1 song and other 3-5 songs. while deleting alot of my other songs

please this point ive deleted my original music folder and am starting over. (this is for my desktop pc, my mbp doesnt have enough space for all my music)
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