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Originally Posted by narf1899 View Post
wireless mighty mouse...(if u've got the just looks so darn cool next to a macbook)

or u could always go with the cheaper, Logitech V270 optical cordless bluetooth mouse..(what a mouthful!)
Why does your link point to an ebay auction selling OS X? I thought you were providing a link to the Mouse.

Originally Posted by chrisiw View Post
Hi Guys
I am going to get a Bluetooth mouse soon as sometimes if working on a table I find it easyer than the Trackpad, any ideas as to the best one to get?

Originally Posted by rcronin View Post
Me, too. Me, too. I need some recommendations, please.
I think Apples Mighty Mouse is a very nice choice and does give you the sleek Apple styling as well as 2 mice buttons (using pressure sensors) and a scroll ball/wheel.

Alternatively you can just get the Apple Wireless Mouse which is another bluetooth mouse from Apple but it only has one button and it does not have a scroll ball/wheel. Unfortunately I think this mouse has been discontinued - it can still be found on ebay and Amazon though. I bought one of these for about £10 I think a few weeks back - absolutely prefect for me although I guess I would like the scroll ball/wheel found on the mighty mouse.

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