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Hey, everybody,

New member here. I'm a long time PC user in need of a new machine, and, after some extensive research, I've decided to take the Mac plunge and purchase a 20" iMac. Issues with Windows in general over the years and Vista in particular now, have me wanting a more stable, user-friendly platform. I've been completely sold on the idea of a Mac, but do have one question for the group.

The machine I'll be getting will be pretty well upgraded over the base 20" model, e.g. 500 gb HD, 256 mb GPU. 2.3 ghZ processor. My question concerns the RAM. Money is not an issue, and I'd like to get the machine equipped with 3gb of RAM. The cost, however, is substantial over 2 gb ($575?). I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion one way or another, and I'd especially like to hear form folks who have 3 gb machines. Is the performance substantial enough over the 2 gb machine to warrant the greater price? Opinions on either side would be appreciated. I'm sure the 2 gb machine would be plenty snappy, but I'd like to get my setup right from the start, while I'm in the buying mode.

I would be using apps like Photoshop for photo editing, and various image manipulating software. Some gaming, lots of web surfing and lots of music.

Thanks for any input.
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