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Just for reference, i've done the following to try help resolve my freezing/ crashing issues on my G4. (10.3 OS X) Some of the steps here may resolve some issues for others but it has yet to resolve mines.

- unplugging all wires connected to the mac and replugging them back in.
- make sure all the vents are clean and unobstructed.
- removing the hardware such as ram, hd, and videocards then putting them back in securely.
- run "repair permissions" on disk utility
- run the install disk and boot from there. then run repair disk to check the HD volumes. If disk does not respond, restart while holding the "c" key to boot straight from the disk.
- run "archive and install" from the install disk to out in a new OS.
- you can try safe mode "apple+shift" in case you get stuck on the apple logo on boot-up.
- try zapping the pram "apple+option+p+r" wait for 3 chimes to reset the pram.
- you can do a manual boot by restarting while holding "apple+s" then type "/sbin/fsky -y" to do a disk check/repair then type "exit" to reboot to the OS.
- try using a new HD perhaps the HD may be corrupted already.
- try replacing the rams. it may have gone bad.

If anyone else have any other ideas, im all ears and thanks in advance to whomever replies.
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