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Just thought I'd share since the matter is constantly discussed. I got the MacBook new last year, when I put the game in it had 20 gb available. Processor is 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo. 512 MB 667 MHz memory.

Okay, the installation took about six minutes. I've been playing it for a week now, and the only slowdown I've noticed is the loading time (when it's moving from neighborhood to lot, and such). It sorta reminds me of when the first Sims game came out and I played it on my computer back then--slow, but not really (we're just spoiled now, I mean.) The graphics were automatically on 'low', but I didn't even know that for three days, and I was amazed from the start at the quality of them. The colors are bright and the Sims' movement is fluid. Every once in a while the music cuts for less than a second, but it doesn't affect the gameplay and it's rare enough that I barely notice. So, that's how it's doing--surprisingly well. My MacBook isn't that built-up (other than what automatically comes with it), and was pretty much the cheapest you could buy, and this game is doing great.

I'm the only one in my family with a Mac. sigh.
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