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Mac Specs: imac G3 450MHZ 512 RAM DVD

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If it helps here is the ram in my imac G3:


Size: 256 MB
Speed: PC133-333



Size: 256 MB
Speed: PC100-322S

Both these collected from system profiler

PC100 SDRAM (3.3 V, 64-bit, 168-pin, 100 MHz) according to lowendmac

So the same as Brown Study

I run a 450MHZ, 512 RAM in panther 3.9

It will do fine for stuff like word and excell if you ever have to use it but if you are visiting educational sites with your daughter, playing their flash games and so on it may start to crawl.

I know this one doesn't streaming video at all. It can really start to stutter

Nice gift for your daughter though! They are fun little things, theres always OS 9 games, eh?

One thing if your imac has it, at the bottom kind of hidden under a vent/grill you'll find a VGA out. If you need to use it this is great, or if your daughter starts to complain its too small (Do four yearolds go so deep into technology? I don't know!) mine is currently hooked up to a 21inch CRT (on it now)

Good luck
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