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For the last couple of days, my G4 keeps locking up on startup. Here are the specifics of the problem:

-It would get to the grey apple icon with the spinning gear then it would freeze.
-The mouse and keyboard would not respond after the lockup. The light on the optical mouse sould disappear.
-Sometimes on startup, the chime on bootup would not go on and there would be not display on the screen at all.
-Some instances i would actually get to the desktop, work around it for a few minutes then it suddenly locks up.
-When i do get the point where it seems to be running fine, i inserted the install disk and ran disk repair. Then it would freeze during process.

I have never added any new hardware into the system and i ran basically the same OS (10.3) since i had my machine. At first, i thought it was hard drive issue so i ended up getting a new HD and tried installing the OS in it but still no luck. Worse case scenario is that it would be a combination of both hardware and software issues which will be a pain to fix. I've had my mac for at least 6 years now so i might even consider getting a G5 or perhaps an imac if i cannot fix my old mac.

Any ideas on how to resolve this problem is very appreciated.

Thanks a bunch
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