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sONG NUMber 1-System 10
System 10! System 10!
The ferocious users switching from windoze
Mac ah Mac
Mac ah Mac
Mac will reign as kings
Mac will conquer the world
And make Billy gates bankrupt
Mac ah Mac
Mac ah mac
The wind carry our Apple
The Mac are ready to fight
Apple is ready to take flight
Apple is ready to fight
Mac ah Mac
Mac ah Mac
Macintosh are the conquerors
Mac ah Mac
Mac ah Mac
Macintosh are the conquerors

Song number 2 Mac 123
1, 2, 3
Yeah! Yeah! Macintosh are the best in the world
With a panther we go
The system of Macs will not fall
Challenge us if you dare
Set a time we will be there
From the crimson skies
To the highest Alps
The systems of the Mac
We will be kings of the comps
Down a bottle of apple juice
Thatís the greatest release
Yeah Yeah Macintosh
We are the best in the world
The Macs will bash the windoze
We will screw the windoze with a bang
Freaky idiotic windoze regime
Screw you all from the windoze regime

soing 3-Mac rules
Macintosh rules from dusk to dawn
We are the users of Macintosh
Grab your gears
We will switch with no fear
Go! Go! Go! Macintosh Go!
Macintosh rules
If windows dare come near
If windows is bold come near
We are not affraid of Billy gates
To hell with that windows
We take on windows every time
Macintosh users are always ready to kick yr a**

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