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Originally Posted by wickedbusa
I left out the RAM upgrade since I can get a 1 MB stick for a lot less than Apple is charging. Can't wait
Don't know about your dealer but where I bought my computer they also sold other ram (Kingston and others) from several manufacturers and I checked prices all over Calgary. The dealer was $10 more than the lowest price I found elswhere and they installed it and tested it, lifetime warranty etc. I could have bought ram cheaper on the internet but being in Canada there is money exchange, duty, taxes and brockerage fees that drive the price up. In the end I decided I would rather get it put in by the Apple tech and know that it works properly etc. I would check with them anyways and see what other ram they sell or can get and costs.

I am an innstant gratification kind of guy So I bought my computer from a dealer rather than wait for it be shipped. I had a chance to try the computer and make sure everything was good before I left. I also try to support local business as much as I can even though I may pay a little more. In the end they gave me a Mareware Sportfolio II sleeve for it along with a couple of the mac magazines.

Congrats on the new toy, I am sure you'll be lovin' it
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