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Good morning. Since last I posted, have upgraded from 6GB HD to 40GB HD. On 6GB HD, Jaguar worked perfectly and iPhoto was as slick as could be. I turned on the camera, iPhoto appeared on its own and the camera was present. I imported photos and made albums, emailed photos, etc.

On Saturday, I installed my new 40GB HD, partitioned it, and installed 9.0 and 10.2. Everything seemed to work perfectly. Later, I plugged in and turned on my camera (Kodak DC260) and iPhoto automatically came on the screen, BUT when import was clicked, the image said, and continues to say, that no camera is connected. Camera controls are set exactly as with 6GB HD.

When the new HD was installed, CUDA was pressed. OS 9 and 10 are in the first partition of 7.9GB. When I look at image capture in applications, it says that no device is connected, though the camera is connected and turned on, so I cannot see "preferences." Everything seems to be working perfectly with Jaguar, except that I cannot import photos. What am I missing here, do you think? Thanks. Hank
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