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My internet connection keeps dropping out. I have tried the internet at uni and at home, and I'm experiencing the same problem: webpages would be loading up fine for a while, and then randomly, will then struggle to load any page up at all. After another random period of time, the internet will suddenly work again and I can load up webpages easily again.

I am using a Macbook on a wireless network (both at home and at uni). At both locations I have a strong signal with the wireless network.

I can't remember a major/minor change I made to my system that might have triggered this problem. I haven't installed any new programs on recently. I have no special programs accessing/blocking the internet.

I've tried looking in console for some errors but there's nothing that stands out to me. I looked in console.log immediately after the internet 'cut off' but no errors/logs appeared.

Is there a special place that I'm supposed to look for network/internet errors?

Have you got any other tips/suggestions on how I can figure out this problem?
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