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*Sigh* Yep, but the computer won't turn on...

It WAS on but I had errands to run today before I saw your post(s) and we had a power outtage so I got home and it was off and won't turn on only does the fan thing. I don't think the computer is actually 'on' when it does that because the iPod doesn't show the little (\) when it is plugged in. Discs also will not go in so I can't try and press 'c' or anything (Does C still work or was that just the old iBooks?)...

At least my MB works... Awaiting the day it turns on so I can back everything up and then take it in... But! I did take a video of what the computer does so when I take it in if it doesn't do the problem for the Apple Tech I can show them the video...
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