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Hi everyone,

I have an iBook G4, which is on the fritz. This morning, I ran Software Update. It had nearly finished installing my OS X update, when my computer froze. I was forced to turn it off. I waited about 10 minutes before turning it back on. It opened the login menu, accepted my password, and pulled up my wallpaper, but then promptly froze. I turned off the machine and waited an hour before turning it back on. Same thing happened. I did this several times throughout the day. Same thing. I tried logging on with my Guest account. Same thing.

As a student, I use my computer a lot, and I'm hoping that I can get it to behave itself on my own instead of going to Apple. But if I'm going to have it repaired, I have to do it before April 15, when my AppleCare expires. So a nice prompt answer would be really nice.


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