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Originally Posted by mrmackie305 View Post
So here's my question... How long it it take you guys to feel 100% comfortable with your MacBook Pro and OSX?
About as long as it took to open the box it came in (which is not something to be rushed as a user experience in itself!).

Mind you it was my seventh Mac purchase.

Remembering back to my very first Mac (the G4 iMac I'm still using daily) it only took a few hours at most to become comfortable doing everything I used to do on my PCs before that, what has taken longer is in learning all the fabulous new stuff I do now which I never even attempted before, things like audio and video editing. (for example I just spent an hour or so taking the Grand Prix DVD I recorded last night, stripping out the advert breaks and other rubbish then reencoding it for my Motorola mobile phone)

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