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Im buying another mac,

and i just have a question

im looking around, im on a pretty tight budget ((i dont want to spend more than $120)) for a pretty low end mac.

lets say im looking at a powermac g4 400mhz, 20gb hd, mac os 10.4, 256mb ram,
and an imac g3, 500mhz, 20gb hd, mac os 10.4, 256 mb ram,

should i go for the imac or powermac????

i guess my general question is,

if theres an imac with a higer cpu speed than a powermac,
with everything else identical,
should i opt for the imac or the powermac?????

and sort of another question,

my sisters a student at ivy tech, i think her major is graphic design im not sure.
she takes a powerpoint class, and uses adobe, and word, among others.

would there be a significant advantage to buying her an imac g3 or powermac g3 (or maybe a lowerend g4)??????

Does anyone know where to get a great deal on g3 and g4 macs??????

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