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Originally Posted by General Zod View Post
My mac runs horribly slow sometimes. For no reason at all the daisy wheel cursor will come on and sometimes stay on for several minutes I have no clue what it's doing. Applications are sluggish, booting takes awhile, but I'm not particularly concerned with that. My system is up to date, and I usually run with about 512MB free of system memory. I've used several tweak applications to help but they don't do much. Is there really that much difference between 10.3 and 10.4 that I can't run it on this G4?

1.4ghz G4
1GB ram
60GB hdd
CDRW/DVD combo drive
Bluetooth and WiFi
G'day General Zod & welcome to Mac-Forums.

I would suggest you download a maintenance app like OnyX and clean your caches right out. Reboot and report back regardless of the result.
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