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in windows you could 'defrag' your computer, and put everything in the hard drive back where it should be. my mac seems to be running wonderfully i've had it for about 6 months now...i don't notice any difference in speed, but i just wanna make sure I keep everything 'neat and clean' and my mac running in tip-top shape. any kind of 'defrag' program or 'disk clean up' which could be compariable to windows. Please help me out.

one more thing...really quick...

i have my own lil video company, and it was always just a side job where i would do a wedding every month or so...but now i got a couple jobs lined up where im gonna need more hard drive space in my computer...i got one project in there now, all the clips have been deleted just...everything for the final dvd version (23GB). (when i first got my mac I had 108 GB free...but after adding programs and stuff overtime..and with that dvd im slowing buring enough copies of i have 50 GB free...and as you all takes up alot of hard disk space...what kinda of external hard drive would you recommend? or is this the best way to go?

thanks guys...
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