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you could remove everything from the doc and then go into finder prefereces and set it to not display hard drives or cds or servers on the desktop. Set the new default finder window to open as a deeply burried empty folder you create with the name " user name " (spaces on each end to make it legal but different, use the same name as the acount name) In the side bar tab of finder prefs, remove all things to the sidbar is empty.

so in effect it will look like there is nothing on the computer. the home folder will look empty, it wont even look like there is a hard drive.
so unless these kids are familiar with Finder prefs (which most people never even look in) you are golden!


EDIT: Oh, I should have said make sure that the desktop is clear of any other files (you could put them all in a temp folder in Documents or something) We want to give them no easy option
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