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Originally Posted by pcjabber
OK, perhaps this should go into the iBook section, but I am a recent switcher. I've answered some questions, now I need a couple answered.

Question 1:
How hard is it to install an AirPort card (not extreme, regular Airport) in an iBook G3/700?

Question 2:
How hard is it to install RAM in the above?

Questions 3 & 4:
Does anyone have any links/PDFs/anything that _shows_ how to do the above? The RAM, I'm not too concerned about -- installed RAM in a notebook before. But the Airport, hehe, that I am very concerned about! Don't want to make an $80 (well $75 after educational discount + tax) mistake! :eek:

Thanks very much,
I have a whole range of Apple Service Manual in PDF for Upgrades... but I'm not sure do i have the one for your iBook. Care to PM me with your e-mail and details, If i have it, i'll e-mail it to you.
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