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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
You never actually mentioned how hot the processor is running and what the fan speed is. Despite that fact, the processor's temperature can be totally unrelated to how hot the casing is. The conventional term changed from laptop to notebook because these units do get hot and manufactures don't want them on their customer's lap. I work for Dell and a big biggie is overheating issues that are happening because customers have it on their lap or other parts of their body. If you're going to have it on your lap, then buy one of those stands to rest your MacBook on.
Thanks, that's good to know. I never would have guessed that the processor heat is unrelated to casing heat. I've noticed the fan on the most when I'm uploading my CD's to iTunes. That really gets it cranking.

I do use mine in my lap all the time. I think it's hysterical that "laptops" are not for your lap! Really the only reason I wanted one was so that I could move around the house while chasing my kids and take it with me. Well in a house with little kids, trust me, my lap is the safest place! And if not in my lap, where in a house can you use it? Not on a pillow, bed, rug... Only on a table or a non-rug floor. oooh, so comfy. So what's the point almost? Commuters can't use it on the train...? I get your point though. I can get a clipboard to put it on to make sure it's on the proper type of surface.

BTW my fan speed has yet to go above 1800 and for heat hasn't gone over 80C. So it's cooler than other people's reports here. I thought I mentioned it in the orig post, but I may have neglected to...

Thanks again,

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