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Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
Hey can you disable this sound? And btw how loud is this sound. Cause I'm after a mouse with a really quiet/non existent clicking sound. Is the MM a quiet mouse? If not can you suggest me an alternative?

I have a MM right here and if I unplug it and right click (or left click) it makes a clicking noise so unless someone has invented a speaker that works without any power the speaker myth is well and truly busted.

The truth of the matter is that the MM has a single "click" switch which is well and truly a physical switch, on top of that is a touch sensitive exterior which modifies that physical switch depending on the sensed contact points, if the contact points are multiple (i.e you are pressing down equally with several fingers) it defaults to left click whereas if you only press down on the right hand side of the exterior it registers as a right click.

Couldn't be simpler really.

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