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Originally Posted by chriswad
Hey people

this is my first post so hey

I am a n00b when it comes to mac's so please dont hit me

ok my question... i have got msn messenger (the office x version) when i try and connect it says "you are not connected to the internet" but i am!

I am connected through a router to my blueyonder account

the net works great & email but messenger doesnt

Please help me!


thanks in advance

Well, assuming you typed in the correct password and e-mail address, I'm not quite sure. But I think I MIGHT know the reason. You said it came with Office X. Therefore, the version would be MSN Messenger 3.5. However, about a month ago Microsoft released MSN Messenger 4 for Mac. Usually, within a few weeks after Microsoft releases a new version of MSN Messenger, for Mac or Windows, they disallow the previous versions to connect for security purposes. Anyway, you can download MSN Messenger 4 from their website, but it has much beefier requirements than the previous version (at least OS 10.2.8). Hopefully you've got that, as well as 128 MB of RAM. If so, download away!

Of course, it's not a great program to begin with. It'll sign you out automatically a lot, especially when the computer wakes up from a sleep. If so, I'd recommend these other programs that connect to the same network as MSN:

Proteus- (not a great program, from what I've heard)

Adium X- (not TOO bad)

Mac Messenger- (Ehhh...)

dMSN- (very good, although kinda slow and a bit complex, as it resembles MSN Messenger 6 for Windows)

aMSN- (also very good. It has nearly as many features as dMSN, but it's faster and simpler. You'll need to install Imagemagick, however, if you want the display picture function. It's found on the same page. aMSN is the one I use, although I might start using dMSN more often)

So yeah, I'd recommend using dMSN or aMSN instead. However, if you use aMSN, I'd strongly recommend having Panther (Mac OS 10.3), as there is no quick way to see all the Windows in aMSN and who is talking to you (in the real MSN Messenger, you just go to the Window toolbar). With Panther, you have Exposť, so you can use that to see all the windows open. So, if you have Jaguar (10.2) but not Panther, then I'd recommend using dMSN.
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