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Originally Posted by RobDreugan
Just a bit of advice.

I can appreciate that you think what you've done is more art than a website.

Next time you want opinions though, which is really what you wanted, not so much a critique/advice/feedback/suggestions, finish your work and say what it is.

I'd rather not waste the effort to think what would make it a better webpage had it been just said, "hey, this is a piece of art."

Also, I don't think its necessary to be defensive with what you're working on, by giving me the definition of art critiques. It's pretty much understood that people who look at the same piece of art, assuming they know it is, that they will see it in different ways, both good and bad.

Well, I definenlty didn't mean to come off that way. I meant in no way to down grade your comments, or be defensive. I was just trying to state where I was coming from when making the site. And it was 3am, so myself wasn't completely myself in replying.

And yes, I was pretty fine with the design, but that doesn't mean other people are..which is why I wanted comments/suggestions on what other people thought. That is important to me, and I need that information from whosoever is willing to give it.

So RobDreugan, I am sorry I came out this way; it was not my intention, but I think I still state in my first reply that your comments didn't go to waste, and I am thinking about all of's just the other parts kind of overshadowed that I guess?

And for me to say it's more of a pice of art....I guess that was a fairly defensive reality, all websites are art in one way or yeah, I guess it is art..but it's got to work in the medium it's a website has to work like a good website, etc... So I just wanted to make sure we understand each other now, and there are no hard feelings, and that I am sorry for coming off in such a negative way towards you before. Thanks once more for all your comments/suggestions, and I hope in the future (for I will have more stuff I want critiqued), we can do it without this step (for I didn't want this to go down like it did)
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