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Just a bit of advice.

I can appreciate that you think what you've done is more art than a website.

Next time you want opinions though, which is really what you wanted, not so much a critique/advice/feedback/suggestions, finish your work and say what it is.

I'd rather not waste the effort to think what would make it a better webpage had it been just said, "hey, this is a piece of art."

Also, I don't think its necessary to be defensive with what you're working on, by giving me the definition of art critiques. It's pretty much understood that people who look at the same piece of art, assuming they know it is, that they will see it in different ways, both good and bad.

Just from the comments you wrote back, I really don't even see why you posted that you wanted any feedback or suggestions, because you appear to be fine with it.

It's kinda like me posting a picture I fingerpainted and saying, "hey everyone take a look at this, and tell me what you think, but oh ya, I love the way it looks and really have no interest in what everyone else is saying. ok? thanks, appreciate it."

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