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I got a mighty mouse and if I was extremely careful, i.e. totally let go of the mouse, and used the point of my finger well aimed to try to make a right click, then it would work, from about 7% to 70% of the time, depending on how it felt (had I not fed it enough cheese that day?)

Really terrible I must say.

Anyway, I phoned up Apple Care. I had another issue to ask too. Then when I said "I have a problem with the mighty mouse - the right button is not working properly" - she did not even ask me a SINGLE question! Just said right she'll send a new one to my home to replace the old one!

This made me conclude that they must know very well about this issue.

As for my new mouse, if I am holding it in a normal mouse, as I would any mouse, then the right click does not work. However, if I make sure my first finger is not touching at all the place for the left click, then the right click does actually work (hurray!) possibly more than 90% of the time! Could even be over 95% of the time!

So, it seems there are differences between the mice. I'd say of you're is really not working well even if your finger is totally off the left button place, then just get them to replace it.


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