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well the screen on my laptop is pretty well dead. the hinges that hold the screen on broke originally which caused the screen to shatter from being contorted oddly. i am currently using it through the vga port converted to a s-vid output to my tv... needless to say the quality is sub par.

anyways i thought of an idea to save my laptop without having to fork out the cash for a new one. this is to take off the screen that is on there now and somehow hardwire another one to it in its place, then putting the whole set up into a pelican case or a breifcase. is there anyway to do this?

first how would i go about taking off the screen without damaging my computer in the process. then how would i use the connections and wires already connected to my computer to attach a new screen. my warranty is already expired so im not too worried about voiding it

and finally i was wandering what type of screen i would have to use. would it have to be a ibook one. or would any apple (or other brand) flat pannel work?

basically my goal is to have a frankenstein monotor attached to my laptop that would still be able to draw power from my computer so i could still have the versitility of a mobile computer unit.

thanks in advance for your help.
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