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Thanks for the suggestions/comments

The reason the rest of the pages don't have the same image as the home page is because there will eventually be type/information and other images; the dark image wouldn't really work.

As for the links/navigation, I felt that was making a statement. It isnt' necessarily supose to look in place...or entirely out of place. But I will look into your suggestions.

With the fonts...I wanted them to be fairly sleek, clean, straight, and easy on the eye. I can see where you're coming from though, and intend to look deeper into the realm of fonts (as I had planned on doing originally, when I got to putting the finishing touches on the site). For now though, I think they work....

the building at the bottom right....I don't know, I still feel that works with the rest of the design. It does require some changes so as it's not just the building sitting in the bottom right corner, and becomes an active working part of the site. The building everything is based on has such a strong design, and I love it (if you ever go to chicago, check em out, there's actually two of them). Now if you don't like the building all that much to begin with, then you're going to get quite annoyed with how strongly I've built the idea of it into my design (making my links a direct part of the building. I feel that those have to be there to make the design compete). the same time, art causes many reactions, negative and positive..and really this is more art than a webpage, or rather is art made to work as a webpage. None of this is saying, however, that your points are hitting on something; meaning I will have to think about what statement I am really making, or what reactions I am willing to recieve, etc etc.

thanks agian for all the suggestions/comments. It gives me some definent things to think about before having my finished "product." On initial designs, you can't always see everything, and it's always better to get others opinions. So I think I've gotten a good bit on how people will react (this pertains to everyones comments).

also, feel free to keep them coming, and/or to add on to what's already been said. I haven't worked on the site in a couple of weeks (shame on me)..and will be finishing up soon for a grade....meaning, the more comments the better. Adios, and thanks again.
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