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i just got the 500 gb maxtor onetouch III with the fw800 about 2 weeks ago...

+ its relatively quiet
+ its fast, being fw800
+ its cheap... only $179 compared to other 500gb external drives
+ once setup, the backup software is really easy to use (can't be said about the actual time spent and figuring out how to setup the software ...see cons....)

- really annoying bright WHITE blinking light .... im talking really bright!
- kinda big and bulky with a rubber coating as a finish, i prefer metal enclosures........
- it always "on"...... even when the u turn off ur computer..... i worry that the drive might wear itself out by always being "on"
- instructions for installing the included "backup" software is kinda confusing at first, the enclosed manual is outdated...... i couldnt get the program to run correctly until I went to the maxtor/seagate website and found out that there is a mac/intel driver.....

hope this helps....
overall, for the price, a fw800 500gb drive like this is hard to beat!

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