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I'm sure most of you already know this, but advertised HD capacity in any platform(because that's what the HD manufacturers use) is misleading.

Let's say you have 120GB HD... However, that equates into about 117.2 GB
It's because, 1GB is not 1000MB... it's 1024MB. so, 120,000/1,024 = 117.18...
So you lose about 3GB there already on definition alone. Plus when you format the disk, it loses some more...

So, if you have 80GB HD, that's 80,000/1024 = 78.125 GB ... GarageBand takes up almost 2GB, so there goes 4GB already without counting OS X.

As I have mentioned before, this is not specific to Macs... Same calculation goes for any other platforms that uses HD(including Win XP, etc.) Take a look at your My Computers in win XP. My 80GB formatted HD is displayed as 74.5GB and 120GB as 114GB. Just after formating in NTFS.
I think apple does a better job of saving space when spaces are compared after being formatted.

I'm not an expert by any means, so please correct me if i have made an incorrect assumption.
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