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equipment in general. Everyone brags on Apple as a Hardware company and I agree my Intel iMac is beautifully designed - and i have never in 1 1/2 years had a big problem; however, the keyboard had to be replaced after only 1week of my girlfriend playing Pac-Man on it right after I got it -number pad completely shot. Believe me, our Dell keyboard at the office is so much more sturdy as well as better designed size-wise for typing. It's a work-horse compared to the delicacy of the iMac's keyboard.

The Mighty Mouse has been tossed in the garbage after the scroll wheel quit working and after numerous issues with the left-right click recognition - in favor of a $9.95 Microsoft industrial-strength two-button scroll-wheel mouse.

I work on a PC all day and believe me, if Apple wants to break into the Enterprise, they are going to have to build a sturdier machine - without a doubt.
The last sore-spot item is the Matu****a? super? drive. Unless you have a brand new immaculate CD or DVD, forget about trying to rip them. The tiniest, most obsure scratch of any kind will cause the iMac to hang - only rebooting will get the disc out of the thing - there should be a bypass for this in the software somewhere. I don't know how many times I've had to do a restart to get a disc out of the drive! This is very annoying when trying to rip a multi-disc audiobook and the 3rd disc has a miniscule scratch somewhere. They'll play. they just won't Rip.
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