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I really love my iMac, love the look of it, love the screen, love OSX, love the keyboard and I am even growing to really like the mouse except there is one annoying thing.

70% of the time when I do a right mouse click it actually performs a left mouse click. I have to be very precise where I right click because it appears that there is only one or two small areas to the right of the wheel/ball that will actually perform the right mouse click.

Apart from being very annoying is this a common fault with this mouse? The whole computer is only about 3 weeks old so I guess I should get a replacement from Apple anyway, especially as over the last day or two the roller ball on top has started to stick too but I'm wondering if it's worth it if all Mighty Mice are prone to these types of problems.

Is there an alternative? I would like to keep the rollerball on top option and not just have a scroll wheel like on all MS mice and I also quite like the side button thingy, you know where if you press them both it tiles all your open windows. Is there anything out there that has all of this other than the Mighty Mouse? Oh and I know it's really sad and pathetic but if there is a mouse that has all of that and is also white then that would be even better.
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